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Maid Visa Service

There are certain parameters set by the government for maid visa issuance; it is allow bringing the maids from countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The Cap

  • One should have UAE residency VISA to sponsor a maid
  • Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor maid
  • Head of the family’s salary should be above AED 5000/- in addition to housing
  • Sponsoring Full time house maid means the sponsor is ought to purchase the ticket in 2 years or annually for maid to her/his native country
  • Single mothers or wives whose husbands are not residing in UAE might be able to sponsor maid visa
  • AED 2000/- charged as security money would be refunded when the maid will leave UAE for native
  • Maids that are the same nationality as the sponsor need special approval from the DNRD in Dubai, and you will need a document from your embassy/consulate to prove that the maid is not related to you
  • More than one maid per family is possible but will depend on salary and size of family

Our Services

  • Issuance of house maid visa
  • Renewal of house maid visa
  • Cancellation of house maid visa

We will help you on each step by sharing your stress and we will handle the documents and contract on behalf of you.

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