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The UAE Companies Law, a UAE national need to act as a "Local UAE National Local partner" for a Limited Liability Company. To comply with the provision of UAE companies' law, a UAE national need of act as a "Local UAE National Local partner" for LLC.

The local partner must hold majority equity holding of 51% or more where foreign equity in the company may not exceed 49%. The companies often worried about coming into the market and selecting a local partner.

We will arrange you the reliable and multitasking individual who will assist the organization and will not be only a sleeping partner. It's very important to have a proper local UAE National Local partner to set up a company, so we want to create awareness for these entrepreneurs and educate foreigners to our country. We provide the channel of communication and networking to the officials because foreigners wouldn't know the mechanisms of talking to an official here. We are the bridge; we make the shortcut happen because we believe in the knowledge and solutions that they will bring to the table so we tweak it and present it in a local manner under a local establishment.

Exclusive Packages

35,000 AED

Start your llc company in dubai for just 35,000 AED including local service agent and furnished office.

10,000 AED

Get the pro work for one year in just 10,000 AED

20,000 AED

Small furnished office in prime location of Dubai with Burjkhalifa view for just 20,000 AED